What I Do

As a birth doula, it is my goal to help moms have a wonderful birth experience. Today there are so many choices to make, so many options available, it can be a lot to go through. Whether this is your first time or your fourth, whether it's just you or your whole family will be there, I believe there are ways I can help you have a more fulfilling birth.

Baby Feet

In a quick, complimentary meet-up I would answer any questions you have. We would go over my contract and discuss which services would best fit you. If you feel we are a good match we would discuss payment options, whether it would be my full fee, on a sliding scale, or a trade of goods/services for my services.

In one or more prenatal sessions, we would discuss and practice coping mechanisms and comfort measures. Already being familliar with them is a huge asset when it comes time to utilize them in labor. We would discuss expectations, hopes, and fears. I can also assist with knowing what your options are when preparing a birth preferences outline. I can provide information on many things, except of course anything specific to your care that must be addressed with your care provider.

When the big day comes, my role is to come alongside mom to support her with uplifting words, comforting touch, and creating a safe space for her to labor. When able, I will alert mom if it seems a birthing preference may need to change in order to be able to decide what comes next. Most of all, I will be there to provide constant, non-judgmental support.

When baby is born, I will be available to assist in establishing breastfeeding, if needed. I will stay until mom and baby are settled, staying with either mom or baby if baby should need further attention outside the recovery room. A week or so after going home, I will visit, listen to any thoughts or concerns mom has, see how the adjustment to a new family member is going, and maybe give mom a chance to shower or nap.